Absolute Carnage #5 hits stands this Wednesday and we got a hold of an advanced copy to find out if we learn anything more about Dylan and his link to the Symbiotes and Knull.

This issue concludes the Absolute Carnage story line. Yes, Venom #20 comes out on November 27th but according to the reading list, it's suppose to be immediately prior to this issue in the story line.

So, what is Dylan? Keep scrolling to find out with spoilers....

There's a battle going on and one of the symbiotes is going after Dylan and Normie, which angers Dylan!
He apparently learns a new power unknowingly.... Pretty awesome to basically pulverize the symbiote chasing him and Normie.
He's even surprised himself but seems to fall into a comatose type state for unknown reasons...
Meanwhile, Eddie is battling Carnage. Carnage wants his or Dylan's codex to wake up god... Claming if Eddie kills him, either way, it will wake him. Eddie chooses Carnage's death, which then consumes him and he immediately can see visions of Knull, being freed..
Knull is freed..
And Knull is coming..

This is the same type of vision Dylan saw in Incoming #1 spoilers we provided a few days ago.

This makes sense to setup Knull as the possible antagonist in the upcoming Venom Island story arc starting in Venom #21.

So we don't learn that much more of Dylan's overall role in this. We know he has the codex, he seems to control symbiotes and he has the power to blast them into little pieces without touching them. I don't think we're going to learn anything new in Venom #20 that's out Thanksgiving week either but we'll certainly be on the lookout though.

This is a slow burn and story build up but it seems we'll have to wait to learn more about Dylan and his power(s). I still think it's a safe bet to hold onto those Dylan first appearance and even Knull's first appearance. Knull's first cameo was dropped in Thor God of Thunder #6 which isn't a bad pickup either if you can find them for cheap. I don't think Knull is going away, anytime soon. This much buildup seems like he's going to be around for quite sometime as I don't think Donny Cates and Marvel would spend this much effort into a character to just kill them off.