In the world of symbiotes, it seems like everyone has had one. Well in this issue of AC Miles Morales #3, it looks like J. Jonah Jameson might also become part of that club. Sources say that Miles fights off his Symbiote in this issue and once free, it appears to find J.J. and could possibly bound with him.  

If that were the case, what would this new Symbiote be called? Would it hate Spider-Man just as much as J.J. use to? Is this even speculation worthy?

F.O.C. for this book is 9/16/19, which is tonight. If you hurry you might be able to get it still from online retailers.

There is also a CLASSIFIED cover, which could very well be this new Symbiote.

Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #3 (of 3) Nakayama Connecting