This story immediately starts off from the end of Silver Surfer Black #5. Silver Surfer is a changed man but soon witnesses atrocities occurring in the Universe.

Through those atrocities, he escapes and finds himself in the Cancerverse, with monsters who call themselves the Revengers. He destroys a few of them with relative ease as he is untouchable in his present form until he makes his departure, finding himself in a asteroid type belt where the monsters did not follow.

The Surfer quickly discovers a man, alone in this destroyed world, floating amongst the asteroid rocks. After they exchange words as the man wants the Surfer to leave him be and let him die, he soon finds out this is no ordinary man but who was once the Sentry.

He explains that Reed Richards was the one who allowed him to rid himself of the Void but left him powerless and dying.

Silver Surfer has a new idea to go after the Void who is now free....  but they must work together!

Annihilation Scourge Silver Surfer #1 his store shelves tomorrow.