Avengers #27 is out and it features a new Brood along with the return of a Herald.

Keep reading if you like spoilers. These will be brief as we were only able to grab a few images that we think are the focus spoiler speculation in the book.

Captain America and the team head out into space only to find themselves trapped. Part of the team is separated and trying to find their way back to Captain America, who's been keeping a certain someone company by trying to remind him to stay calm.

The only thing keeping him together is his hammer...  

There's no back story yet on how Thor becomes a Brood (we'll likely learn more in the upcoming issues as it flash forwards to after Captain is logging that they've been stranded for 5 days) but his patience has run out and the Brood seems to take over..  

Meanwhile the rest of the team is attempting to reach Captain America and Thor when they run into...  Silver Surfer? The Fallen One?

Avengers #27 hits shelves this Wednesday November 27th, 2019.