So we thought we were going to get The Designer in Batman #90 but it seems we're getting this new character a bit sooner, making now Batman #89 a first appearance for both The Designer and now Punchline.

Expect a lot of shops to yank their extra copies and sell at the secondary prices. If you missed out, the 2nd printing should be much easier to nab but will likely not carry any premium.

This book is already seeing sales around the $30 range and up in pre-sales, making it a winner before it's released.

Below is a one pane cameo of The Designer we learned about a few weeks ago.

And we all knew this was coming, here's the one pane cameo from Punchline.

If you missed out on the first printing, you still have time to order the 2nd Printing of Batman #89.

Batman #90 you can still pre-order first prints. Below is the regular cover.

Batman #90

Here is the Mattina B Variant for Batman #90

Batman #90 (Card Stock Francesco Mattina Variant)