So according to Tynion's own website blog, he went on to briefly talk about Punchline making her appearances in Batman #89 and in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3.

A "Fair warning" was used to describe these appearances though. Read what he said below:

“And then there’s the fact that BATMAN #89 and YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN #3 have both sold out before they come out… A partial appearance, and her full-body appearance, those two coming out in the next couple weeks. Fair warning, she’s operating in the background as a secondary figure these next few issues, and comes to the forefront in BATMAN #92. From there she becomes the real underboss to the Joker, and will be key in Joker War, not only in the Batman title, but across the line. I think you can already see her on the cover to May’s Nightwing.”

So are we just getting another cameo in Hell Arisen #3 coming out this week? It certainly sounds like it from the way Tynion described her role in this issue. Sure it's a first full since he says we'll see a full body shot but how detailed is it going to be if she's still sort of "operating in the background" as a Joker henchperson.

If we get a true first full appearance out of Batman #92 or if she shows up in Nightwing #70 as we speculated on as well, Batman #92 could be a winner since she's on the front cover a well. This issue Tynion claims she's now out of the background, in the foreground as a "real underboss" character and she's on the cover (we'll also find out if she ends up on the Mattina Variant B as well once that art is released).

Of course this is all speculation according to the vague description of the writer. We'll just have to keep a close eye on this weeks Hell Arisen to see just how big a "First Full" it really is and how the market reacts. So far on the secondary with pre-sales, it's doing quite well.

If the first full ends up being a background type of role, might see this dip and people go after the next one on the hit list. I think if these all end up more like cameo's, Batman #89 will ultimately win out as most couldn't get their hands on copies as it was already FOC when all the hype came about.