As a follow up from the previous post earlier today, we got our pics that confirm that Elainna Grayson is indeed the new Batwoman.

The following previews are from Batman Beyond #40 that arrives in shops this Wednesday.

Dick Grayson shows up and is chatting with Old Man Wayne.
Dick explains to Wayne that Elainna might be in trouble.
But she couldn't stick around when Dick attempted to confront the new Batwoman.

Elainna made her first appearance in Batman Beyond #25. Her first full as Batwoman happened in Batman Beyond #37 and now the reveal of her identity has happened in issue #40.

So what do you think? I've heard rumors that there might be an upcoming Batman Beyond Batwoman solo title in the works as well. It's all hush rumors Killerspec has picked up so nothing confirmed as yet but it would make sense.

This is the only book currently in DC's lineup that seems to be making any press in the comic book communities.

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