The new Bloodshot trailer hit the web early this morning which stars Vin Diesel and Guy Pearce.

Now, what does this do for speculating on Bloodshot in the comics?

Eternal Warrior #4 is the first appearance for Bloodshot while Rai #0 was his first full appearance. Both are still pretty affordable for most collectors. If you can find a nice mint copy unslabbed and raw, that's going to save you a ton of money as the slabbed have been commanding more premium.

After Bloodshot's popularity in Eternal Warrior and Rai took off, he quickly got his first self-titled series Bloodshot #1 with the famous chromium cover. But as the movie inches closer and now after this first trailer, it'll be interesting to see how the market fairs on the early appearances of comics for Bloodshot.

What's your reaction? Theater or wait until it's available to rent, streaming or Redbox?