Darth Vader #1 hits stands tomorrow and it leaves off right at the ending of Empire Strikes Back. With a quick recap of the events, it kicks off into high gear of one pissed off Darth Vader who failed at capturing Luke Skywalker for the emperor who they want to try and convert to the Dark Side of the Force.

Keep scrolling past the first image below of the regular cover for this new volume and series for spoilers.

Star Wars Darth Vader #1

Darth Vader is now on a mission, to search, find and destroy all those who made Luke weak.

He breaks away from the Empire's Fleet to start his search where Luke grew up, on Tatooine.

There are a lot of flashbacks as his droid pieces together clues and records of Luke's childhood on Tatooine where Owen and Beru raised him. Each mention brings back memories that are still in Darth Vader's mind from his time as Anakin Skywalker.

A scavenger type ship with crew followed Vader as he descended onto Tatooine and attempted to attack as Vader and his droid are set to leave, not thinking it was anyone as powerful. Vader takes them all down with relative ease.

Vader makes his way to Coruscant. He had many flashbacks of Padme as they were on Tatooine, which leads him to her sealed off apartment she held as a Senator long ago. Using the force to open it with relative ease, they discover more clues that creates more flashbacks and the issue ends: