So a few issues back, we saw Bane snap Alfred's neck in front of Robin. Since that time, we've only seen some story lines about Batman and Catwoman without any concrete evidence that Aldred is truly dead or just severely injured from the snap. It's possible, right?

Today in DC Previews, the solicitation I think tells it all on Alfred's fate from Batman #77.

Now take a closer look with the zoomed in photo of the solicitation, we've underlined the key phrase.

So with this solicitation, it's probably safe to say that Alfred does not survive the neck snap. It's either that or the team is working while he's in some hospital recovery room. I think the safe bet is Alfred is dead.

Either way, if you have those Batman #77 still on hand, might see another round of heat on this one. If you missed out, now's the time to possible grab copies before they go up again. You can still grab copies of the 2nd printing.