I've tried to keep this site updated with what I feel is worthy speculation news from mostly moderns with the occasional back issues that are buzz worthy from time to time. So to spice things up, I'm going to start throwing in a final order cutoff breakdown of new comics coming out and if they have any type of potential.

For those that are new to comics or not aware, FOC which is short for Final Order Cutoff is the final day retailers have to place final orders on new books. So each week, Wednesdays are new comic book day but Monday evenings are FOC for new books that are about a month or so away from being released.

IDW Books

Canto & Clockwork Fairies One Shot #1

This book has a few things going for it since the first series exploded with popularity, with a lot of the early issues and retailer incentive covers going for premium prices on the secondary market upon initial receipt.

Great story. Great artwork. This is a one shot but there's more Canto on the way with a new mini-series coming down the pipeline.

There is also a 1:10 and 1:25 RI Covers for this one-shot. If you can snag them for cheap, do so.

Canto & The Clockwork Fairies One Shot 1:10 (Left) and 1:25 (Right)

My Little Pony Transformers #1

Alright, laugh all you want but I read the first issue and it was actually quite good and entertaining. It's the perfect 80s collision between two of the most popular cartoons and toys from the time.

For those of you who are on board, there's also a 1:100 variant that retailers will get if they order at least 100 copies spread out over the 4 issues. So they can order 25 of each issue and qualify for the 1:100 variant.

And I have no shame in admitting that the regular cover is pretty awesome itself.

Image Comics

Chu #1

The spinoff title from the hit series Chew from Layman and Guillory continue. The previous series still commands a premium for it's early issues, will this one follow the same path?

Great writing. It's a must for pure entertainment bliss. We'll miss Guillory's interiors but since he's off working on Farmhand, I think Boultwood is up for the task this round.

Bliss #1 (of 8)

Sean Lewis has put out some decent books and quite few have gone on to get media deals and options. So one must not look past a new titles. Lewis does seem to stick with the one story arc and mini-series, sometimes that's all a story needs.

This book promises us Breaking Bad meets Gaiman's Sandman. I don't anticipate day of speculation but could be the one you pick up, read, stash and if you're not attached, sell for a quick profit if it gets a media deal or option.

If you can't recall, Lewis most recent book Coyotes got a media option. He's also the writer of Thumbs and The Few.

BOOM! Studios

WYND #2 (of 4) Momoko 1:25 Variant

Let's face it, Peach Momoko is on fire. Consumers are gobbling up most of her work. Cover price books start off slow but the ratio and incentive variants that are harder to get immediately command dollars on the secondary market.

This WYND #2 is no exception. You likely won't get to pre-order this one for the normal 1:25 price point as the secondary market pre-sales are already jumping for this one.

WYND #2 Peach Momoko 1:25 Variant

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man Sins Rising Prelude #1

Sin-Eater is back and this will be interesting to see how Spencer brings this long lost character back into Spidey's life.

Sin-Eater made his first appearance way back in Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #107. Still a fairly cheap pickup for you Spider-Man fans and first appearance junkies.

I really like the new take for Sin-Eater by Ottley on the regular cover below.

Those are the highlight picks for this coming Monday's FOC for June 29th, 2020.