Folklords #1 is closing in on it's final order cutoff this Monday, the 21st and there is a special 1:25 Variant cover that is a BW version of the Dan Mora FOC Variant. You can find the regular FOC Variant for pre-order here.

If you can get this for cover or cheap, maybe make a deal with your local shop to order 25 copies to qualify for this particular variant, this is the variant to own for this new series from Matt Kindt.

BOOM! has been pushing it's numbers on it's latest offerings but there are still a lot of shops that don't order 25 copies of any BOOM! titles as they're still hit or miss.

Grab this incentive if you can, it can potentially be a great spec and flip worthy for potential profit if you can grab at a low price. There is already one seller listing these starting at $45.

Folklords #1 25 Copy Dan Mora Incentive Variant