So it seems Knull is really coming, not only in the Venom title that Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have been writing since 2018 but in his own series, King In Black.

Marvel put out a trailer, KING IN BLACK in a recent announcement. You can watch it below.

So you can imagine what this is doing right for the books on the secondary market?

Venom #3 and most of Knull's early appearances with even his very brief cameo in Thor: God of Thunder #6 from 2015 are all heating up.

As some of these issues might be already out of reach for those who intend to flip that don't already own them, there still might be early issues like Venom #4 (Knull's origin which details the cameo in Thor: God of Thunder #6) are all seeing a rise in value now. So there's good chances you might find these still in back issue finds that others kipped over only picking out the first appearance.

The overall winner book will ultimately be Venom #3 regular cover and the 3rd print which put Knull (from the interior last page of the book) on the cover. See below.

Venom #3 3rd Printing Variant

So are you all ready for Knull? If you got spare copies, now is a good time to sell. I still think there is wiggle room to buy as well.

I can only see Knull being a power horse in the Marvel Universe going forward so there's a good chance we have yet to see this peak and for the long term could only see this continue to rise as a modern day gem.