Marvel is rebooting Morbius. This time to carry on the promotion of the upcoming movie by Sony Pictures. Killerspec got a hold of a preview to share some new information about this upcoming title and possibly a new character (or existing).

In the first issue, we find Morbius raiding a villains warehouse lab. He makes his way through the minions and grabs what he needs. With the villains lab in chaos they begin to pick up the pieces. Enter a mysterious Female dressed in monster hunter gear.

There are several panels of dialogue, then we are given a full page spread first look at the character but no name is given. We've searched around but could not find any possible matches for this character. Only given a preview in rough sketches that could not be the final art makes it harder to make a possible match, if there is one. So a first appearance, is she villain, vigilante or good gal?

If this isn't a first appearance, we determined that the closest match is possibly Elsa Bloodstone. Her first appearance is Bloodstone #1 (Dec 2001). But it seems like a stretch that she would be hunting Morbius ... or is it? She does come from a family of monster hunters!

We will have to wait for the following issues to discover the mystery new female characters name depicted below.

If you have any clues on this new character, please do share by commenting and kicking off the discussion or debate of who this could be.