A few weeks back, we spoiled this weeks Morbius #1 that hit store shelves with a possible new female character.

Now after the issue has been released, we have confirmation that the new character is in fact a brand new character straight from the artist's mouth named Elizabeth Van Helsing. You can actually buy the original page art for the full blown image for the new character. This is where the clues as to this new character's name with hints that she's going to be around for quite sometime in the Marvel Universe came from.

The above snippet is from the Comiconart Art Page Description naming the character.
The above image is from the email sent out by Comiconart Art that Describes the art page for sale by the artist!
The full art page for sale.
Morbius #1

So if you haven't picked up a copy of Morbius yet, now's a good time to grab a few and possibly tuck them away. If the artist is claiming she will become a prominent character now and in the future, not a bad gamble for a first appearance issue.

Issue #2 might not be a bad pickup either, as we'll hopefully see her named in that issue with more of a first full appearance.