Welcome to a Special edition of On the Radar. Today we will be discussing the upcoming event "Local Comic Shop Day", occurring on November 23rd, 2019. This year will be the Fifth Annual Event and will feature many "special" Brick and Mortar Only comic variations. You will not be able to find these online until after the event, which makes for a very lucrative opportunity if you are up for hitting your local comic shops.

First, how it works for a retailer. As a retailer you register with ComicsPro and they supposedly check you out and make sure your a brick and mortar store (they dislike online people for some reason). You pay a fee and then you can order through Diamond the titles that you want. Some titles are limited, while others are not. Once you get these comics, it is against the rules to list them online for a certain period of time (after Thanksgiving is the rumor). Breaking the rules incurs some sort of penalty. That is your window of opportunity! Buy low, Sell High and Do it fast before the flood of retailers in areas that had no traffic start posting them online too. (Pro tip, if you see a retailer selling these online you have the option of reporting them here). This seems shady ... but this is about making the most for your money spent and according to ComicsPro, one of their rules was "Don't sell to speculators and flippers".

So the idea here is to hit as many of these shops in your area as you can and buy as many as you can. Then list them on eBay. Chances are some areas will have far less then what the demand is going to be and some will have way more then they can sell. The advantage is selling them on eBay or other online outlets to EVERYONE. If you buy quick and list right away chances are you can set the pace for online sales.

Now you know the game. The stage is set. What about the comics?

This year there are quiet a few winners in the bunch IMHO. Below is the list of titles for this years LCSD.

Tales of the Umbrella Academy: Hazel & Cha Cha Save Christmas

This doesn't look to be limited, which means retailers can order as many as they want. If you like Umbrella Academy, then chances are this is a must pickup.

DCEASED HC - Zombie Joker Cover

I loved this series from DC. It was such an amazing read. This doesn't seem like it would be an easy flip. Still, it's retailing for $29.99. These are the type for the personal collection.

LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #1 Limited to 500 Copies

That's right. Our first limited cover. How this works is that every retailer that orders this will get at least 1 copy. Then they will allocate by whoever signed up for the event first and work from there filling orders. So, first come, first serve. If your in an area and your retailer gets a stack of these, snatch them up! These will be an easy flip to people who have FOMO.


Not limited. If you like the Crow then this is a good pick up for the read. If you dont ... pass.


Now here is a series by Image comics that shows some good promise. Being an issue #1 makes it a no brainer. Definite pick up and flip on this one. Doesn't appear to be a limited print run either.


Doesn't appear to be limited. But lets face it, it's Dinosaurs that is targeting the 6-12 year range. I don't see children paying more than cover for these. This would be a pass for me.


Ok. Stop. Can we say hell yes? First time in print. First Walking Dead Comic to be released after the series ended. Written by Brian K. Vaughan with art by Marcos Martin. This is an easy decision. I will be picking these up to flip all day long. Being a fan of the series I know I am hungry for any new story to come out, So I'm sure there are others that feel the same.


Here is another series which has had some excellent writing, some fantastic interiors and a nice following. Having this cover for the series is a must for any completist. It won't have a huge print run and you can probably flip a few before heat dies on this.

ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #5 (OF 5) 1:20 Variant

This is the one to get your hands on though. Limited ratio variant that wont see huge numbers. Even if a retailer orders 100 of the standard that's only 5 of these available per store. Given that maybe only 300-500 retailers participate in this event? Shoot, do the math... this will be a low print winner for sure.  Don't get suckered though. I wouldn't pay more than $25 for this variant. Anything higher and you will start eating into your profits.


Yes! Being a long time reader from the 90's, we can all agree that the New Mutants was a fairly edgy take on mutants and their lives. Several of our greatest characters came from this series. To see it resurrected again is exciting while having Illyana on the cover sporting her Demonic Soul Sword ? Yes!. Wait.. did I also mention this is Limited to only 1000 copies? This will be a must have comic for comic speculators.

Now for my last Pro Tip. Again, this would fall under being shady but screw it, we are already waist deep at this point. If by chance you know a retailer or two who you are on really good terms with (like REALLY good terms), it might be possible to have them order you a few of these before they even hit the stores. Share with them your knowledge of what might be hot and what might not and in compensation maybe they will order you a few. F.O.C. on these comics is this coming Monday September 30th. To sweeten the pot, we know they will get shipped out early, maybe that same retailer will let you pick them up early by giving you that "Head Start" on the competition on eBay.  

Good luck hunting down a few of these possible gems!