It's a new week for speculating new comics books and seeing what might or what might not be hot based on the final order cutoff coming this Monday the 30th of September.

Let's start with an obviously easy pick that could be a great spec based on the potential of a new character first appearance or existing character taking the reigns of Batwoman or Batgirl type of title.

Batman Beyond #37

Future batman is missing and rumor is that a female will pick up the mantle and fight crime. First appearances always seem like great selling points so this was a no brainer in terms of picking up.

Batman / Superman #3

After the reveal last issue this is  one to have. Great story and great art.

Joker: Killer Smile #1

I read the preview of this comic. Man it was awesome! This is definitely a must read for any Joker and Jeff Lemire fan.

Absolute Carnage #1 5th Printing

This was a great read the first time around, now we are back with a 5th print. I like this due to Stegmans art on the cover. Seems like a classic Spider-man pose but as Carnage.

Marauders #1  DX

On the high seas of adventure with Kitty Pryde and her merry band of buccaneers. This is following the final issues of Hickmans Powers / House of X series and is worth a look. I dont see anything ground breaking happening in this other than it being a 1st issue.

Something is Killing Children #2 2nd Print

Boom has done it again. Releasing next prints before the first ever hits the street. Is this creating a false market for speculators or is there real demand? This will be one for our community to talk about for the next few weeks as I'm sure it's on EVERYONE'S radar. Rumors are that this might have allocations as well. IMHO this is going to be a buy now and flip as fast as you can while stashing a couple of copies for later.  

Honorable Mention

Last  but not least, this is the story I'm looking forward to reading the most this week:

Tales from the Dark Mutiverse: Death of Superman

I'm loving DC's take on the Marvel What If? series. I feel these could have real potential story wise. Creators get to write how they think things could have played out and have lots of fun with it. Put me down for a copy of this and it will go in my PC after reading it.

That's it for the litter picks for this week. I hope you find what you are looking for.

As Douglas Adams Once said "So Long and Thanks For All The Fish".