Punchline made waves earlier this year when she debuted in Batman #89 with a brief appearance then followed by a bigger appearance in Year of the Villain Hell Arisen #3.

We really saw Punchline come to the foreground in Batman #92 which was wildly over ordered as retailers were then prepared for her appearance.

Now there's been a one-shot announced for Punchline and following that bit of news comes the Batman #92 BW Retailer Appreciation Cover. It's going to be free for all active DC retailers and they get one copy per store front that they operate.

Here's what the DC Direct email had to say about this variant.


DC says a big "thank you!" to retailers across the globe with the free Batman #92 Retailer Appreciation variant featuring Punchline!

"This special variant is our way of saying thank you to retailers," says Nancy Spears, VP -- Sales. "Thank you for sticking with us as we changed the way we distribute our products, and thank you for your patience as we've worked to address your questions and concerns."

Every active account that orders DC titles will receive one copy per storefront of the Batman #92 Retailer Appreciation variant, featuring a black and white version of the original Batman #92 1:25 variant cover by Jorge Jimenez.

The Batman #92 Retailer Appreciation variant will appear as a no cost item on your invoice and will arrive in stores on September 1.

So load up on those Punchline first appearances, they're starting to see another round of demand on the secondary market.

And keep a close eye for cheap copies of the BW Variant if you can. I expect these to blow up on the secondary market.