Surprisingly we are only 4 issues into Darth Vader for the current volume but since there was delays of books coming out from the COVID pandemic sweeping across the world, we are now playing catch up. But interestingly Darth Vader #1 is a book that is selling well on the secondary market now, seeing sales as high as $20.

Why the craze? Perhaps because it's due to the new ZED-6-7 companion droid that's accompanying Darth Vader on his current mission to seek out his lost love Padmé.

Either way, if you see these on the shelves, make sure you snag a copy. And if you can find the 2nd print variant, which has the image above as the main cover, that's likely going to end up being the overall winner as there's hardly any listed on eBay and most are asking starting prices at $24.99.

Darth Vader #1 usually has massive print runs, particularly for the first issue so a second printing likely is going to be minuscule in comparison and much harder to locate for cover or cheap months after release.