Here we are folks. The final issue in the series. I wish I could say I was thrilled. I wish I could say It was amazing ... but truth be told I am left with a sense of disappointment. The series had such high promise and came in with a roar. 1st Appearance of Void Knight and then subsequently his death. Now I feel it leaves with but a whimper. The final battle between the Surfer and Knull.

Silver Surfer Black #5 (of 5)

So the book begins with the Surfer disorganized. trying to collect his thoughts. Once he remembers things, it's back to fighting Knull.

He has teamed up with a young Planet EGO, but the surfer is hurting. He is almost drained of power.

So in a desperate move he distracts Knull.

And EGO unleashes his fury.

But even that is not enough. The surfer knows he will not win. So he uses his board to create a sword to fight Knull (Note: I'm not sure, but is this the first time he has used his power to transform his board into a sword?).

So the fight goes on for several panes and pages. The Surfer forgets that Knull has minions. These minions are able to overcome Silver Surfer.

And that's when Knull wins and traps the Surfer.

But the Surfer isn't done. He musters all his strength to burn the light into Knull.

And the battle again resumes after Surfer breaks free from Knull's grasp.

Silver Surfer now wraps this up. The surfer decides that the only way to beat back the darkness is to create the light. So he uses his cosmic power to create seeds for life.

And from there the surfer gives life to a planet and his atoms get scattered into the cosmos. From here its a long winded epilogue. Discussing his journey over time and what he sees until eventually he reforms himself and becomes ........

The Black Surfer !!

Silver Surfer Black #5 is on F.O.C. this week 10/7/19 and goes on sale 10/30/19.