So a week or so back you all read the letter from BOOM! about their recent tactics on additional printings for Once & Future and Something is Killing Children first prints.

While trying to cater to promoting a healthy market and slapping speculators in the process, it seems they're doing it again with Something Is Killing Children #2 second printing. They're claiming not all orders could be fulfilled with possible allocations, at least that's the rumors we've heard and read from others.

Basically, it seems they're not waiting to catch most orders, what they're doing is cutting off the printing process with claims they're doing this to get the books out faster, due to demand. What I think they're doing is creating a false sense of demand to get more people to seek out these books with a case of the 'old fear of missing out.

Here is the cover art to this second printing, that could result in a book that's hard to find come release day. The final order cutoff for retailers is this Monday September 30th.

So despite these crappy tactics by BOOM!, it's sort of working and collectors and flippers might be seeking these out since the supplies will be lower while BOOM! creates a false demand.