The creator today on social media announced that Sonata and the very new The Marked has been optioned with television deals. No further details of what studio or production company has the media option attached to these. These are both Image books.

The Marked has a Secret Variant available. Some retailers were trying to sell these for over $100+ as they were a 1 per store variant but you can find this for $30 to $50 for the most part and with most sales within that range.

The Marked #1 Cover A
The Marked #1 Cover B

You can still find The Marked at your local and online retailers. We also verified that Cover B is still available at Diamond for ordering as well.

So even with this news on such new books, I don't think we'll see a huge rush for most to seek these out but if you hadn't already picked up a copy or two, might not be a bad gamble to pick any copies you can find for cover price.

As for Sonata, you can find most of the issues beyond #1 at local retailers but Sonata #1 on the secondary market seem to be now listed at $20 on average from most sellers for sets of both Cover A and Cover B. The most recent sold listing is only around $7 for Cover A.

Sonata #1 Cover A
Sonata #1 Cover B