So Star Wars ended with issue #75 so it's no surprise Marvel is rebooting it with a new #1 hitting shelves this January.

Stores will go heavy with the first issue since there's a lot of Star Wars fans out there but one cover stands out a potential winner. This one has a few things going for it. First it's a 1:50 ratio variant that a lot of shops might skip or not qualify for and secondly, it's a Bartel cover who's recently been on fire with some of her covers and thirdly, there's a lot of Leia fans out there as well.

A lot of shops don't have this up for pre-order but it does seem TFAW has them and for fairly cheap too with their pre-order discount, which puts this one at $39.99 from their $49.99 price.

This could be one of those books even if you buy at $40 or $50 could easily double your money if you plan to flip. And for you collectors out there, here's your chance in owning the book which I feel is a decent price for a 1:50 ratio variant.

Star Wars #1 Jen Bartel 1:50 Variant

This one has a FOC this Monday November 25th. So if you can't pre-order (TFAW is the only online shop I've found that has it for pre-order and it appears to be limited to 1 per customer), you'll have to convince your own shops to order 50 to qualify for this one.