Thor #1 is getting a reboot with Donny Cates on writing duties and Nic Klein on interiors. Although there are a lot of variants for this one, around 20 when counted and that's not including store specific variants, this one has a surprise.

The story starts off with Thor's hammer, Mjölnir flying around the realms. Thor is taking care of business from Asgard before he settles as ruler, taking over Odinson's duties.

Soon after though, Galactus (First Appearance in Fantastic Four #48) crashes Asgard, warning Thor that the Black Winter is coming. Thor calls on all the Heralds who have served Galactus to find out more. Norrin (also first appearance in FF48) explains the most details to Thor and the council as he was the original Herald. He subjects himself to be the one to serve Galactus once again as he has kept secret worlds that could give him the power to defeat the Black Winter.

Galactus however, has other plans after Silver Surfer (well, he's now black) discovers Galactus could read his thoughts and found out he's been hiding the information from him...  

But he saw something in his visions of the end..  

Stop reading to avoid further spoiler text and image content.

Galactus tells Silver Surfer what he saw a second time...
It was Thor in his visions!
He summons Thor... 

So what do you all think? There could be some spec, despite the potential huge print run so this one won't be hard to get. I think we can expect some interesting story telling though in this new Thor reboot by Donny Cates.

This is a series to keep a close eye on and investigate all the details as we all know Donny Cates can drag out the irrelevant from the past to make relevant.

Thor #1 and it's many Variants hits store shelves in early January 2020.