Donny Cates Thor is wrapping up it's first arc with issue #6 coming out today but what appears to be pre-sales of the Thor #5 3rd Printing is catching on fire on the secondary market. This is after the first printing is an easy $50 to $75 book currently.

Despite the events in issue #6 if you haven't seen the spoilers circulating around already on the internet, I don't think this is the end of Black Winter. I think this character will be around for quite some time. Donny Cates has mastered the art of introducing new characters, taking a step away from them and then bringing them back in a big way.

Anyone recall Venom #3? What about the 3rd print of Knull on the cover? We might be witnessing the very thing here with Thor #5 3rd print cover that was FOC on August 10th and should hit store shelves the first week of September. So if you missed this book or skipped over it cause you're tired of chasing the billion additional printings of Thor, then you're likely going to want to pick up this copy at the minimum.

Pre-sales are already hitting the $40 range for some recent sales. This might all change come closer to release day but I think this one is a buy then stash for the long haul. Skip the store exclusive virgin variant of the same cover art though. That's such a huge buy in for little return.

Happy hunting. If you can't find these still on pre-order online or secure a copy at your local comic shop, good luck come September.