V-Wars has been in production for quite awhile but now we have a new release date when it's going to premiere on Netflix, which is December 5th after they released a few still pictures from the show. The first season is planned with 10 episodes.

Hopefully we get a good trailer to hopefully see the quality put into the show before it's released.

This is a comic book by Jonathan Maberry and was released by IDW a few years back. It had a few regular priced covers with an Kevin Eastman cover. But the winner covers is the Human Variant which was a 1:100 and then the Vampire Variant that was a 1:200 ratio cover.

V-Wars #1 Regular Cover A
V-Wars #1 Human Variant 1:100 Cover
V-Wars #1 Vampire Variant 1:200 Cover

These could see some uptick in value as the show gets closer to it's release date or thereafter once non comic book readers find out this is based on comics. The 1:200 Vampire Variant only pops up every so often as it seems there is only one available currently on eBay.