Venom #18 is hitting shops this Wednesday September 11th, 2019. It seems to hint at Dylan's past ties to Symbiotes.

So what does this tell us? Venom #18 could turn key but I don't anticipate it will go up in value right away or anytime soon but what it does bring forth is some concrete story telling that could make not only Dylan's first appearance continue to go up in value but also Sleepers, who's suddenly becoming relevant from the pages of Venom First Host.

Here are some of the key books to look out for:

Dylan Key Books
Venom #7 - 1st Appearance, most call it a cameo.
Venom #9 - 1st Full Appearance

Sleeper Key Books
Venom #165 - 1st Unnamed Sleeper Cameo Appearance
Venom First Host #3 - 1st print - 1st Full Unnamed Sleeper
Venom First Host #3 -  2nd print - 1st Full Unnamed Sleeper & 2nd Sleeper Cover.
Venom First Host #4 - 2nd Appearance and 1st Sleeper Cover while also being named.