Venom #19 is out tomorrow and to be honest, not a whole lot happening in this issue but there are a few things we'll point out that involves Dylan and the role he plays in all of this.

It seems we learn more about Dylan's powers and from the issue, it seems he can control symbiotes, like he's got Knull like powers or similar over the Symbiotes.

Sleeper isn't dead either as you can clearly see him controlling him, notice the Symbiote leash?

So if anything major happens, I"m guessing it will come in the next issue (Venom #20) right before they kick off Venom Island story line in Issue #21. Don't forget about the really awesome Crain variant for Issue #21 as well.

But don't forget there's a really sweet looking variant cover for this by JeeHyung Lee.

Venom #19 (Jeehyung Lee Mary Jane Variant)