So everyone seems to be betting on the new character that's on the huge two page spread in Venom #25 in the upcoming Venom #27, since he failed to appear in Venom #26 despite a huge number of retailers going all out, doing store exclusives for the cover of that issue.

But here's a one page spoiler I don't think anyone was expecting in Venom #27 that's on final order cutoff with a recent announcement of a new 1:100 Ratio Variant (which is already seeing pre-orders up over the $100 range), which was likely announced after retailers caught a glimpse of this page and went back to bump their own orders.

"Sir, we're going to need you to step out of your symbiote and put your hands behind your head."

This page is what comes after a battle between Venom and Virus. Eddie makes his way back to where he left Dylan and this is what he discovers.

So there's a nice spoiler. Use this to either buy a couple more issues in case it becomes a killer spec book or maybe it turns out to be a dud with it getting a massive print run. Either way, even if the mystery character doesn't show up, we know there's 6 new appearances of this future Symbiote Avengers team in this issue.