NYCC is almost over and information rumors are swirling around. Today's juicy rumor is The Walking Dead is to get the color treatment. We heard some talk regarding this coming out of SDCC a few months back as well.

Sources say Kirkman is working on coloring all the issues of The Walking Dead. Starting from issue 1 all the way through issue 193. A huge undertaking to say the least.

Where or what will this lead to?

Sources are saying that once issues 1-100 are colored, that it will be released on a particular schedule that leads up to the final issue 193. But this might be a good starting point for "future" projects to take over. Rumor and speculation about what this means has lead people to believe that the following issues will be centered around Negan and his journey forward.

What does this do for the speculation community? Will prices on key issues rise again and are these considered second prints? Time and the market will decide on that.