As most of you all know, Batman Beyond #37 landed on comic shop shelves and introduced a new Batwoman. But who is this new Batwoman? Who's the character under the mask? Is it a new character or existing character close to the Batman circle? This is pure speculation but as more of these issues get closer to release date with possible previews, we'll be sure to spill the goods here.

This actually all started in Batman Beyond #36 with a cameo appearance.

Not much is revealed but she does appear Caucasian so that narrows down the possible candidates.

I've seen a lot of chatter that this very well could be Melanie Walker. But as we all seen at the end of Batman Beyond #37 where her name was mentioned, would it be that obvious? Did the writers really make it that easy? If it is Melanie Walker, her first appearance was way back in Volume 2 of Batman Beyond in Issue #4.

Batman Beyond Volume 2 #4

I'm going to rule out Barbara Gordon as also mentioned in Batman Beyond #37 by Bruce after . Why do you ask? If you read the solicitations of Batman Beyond #38, it states the following, "But how do you stop a walking nuclear reactor when you barely know how to use your own high-tech suit?"

If the new Batwoman was Barbara Gordon, then I don't think she would have issues with the tech in the Batsuit.

So clues might be dropped in upcoming issues but all signs point to issue #40 as being he issue we learn of the new Batwoman. In the solicitations for Batman Beyond #39, it says the following, "Even the greatest detective of all time, Bruce Wayne, is unable to determine who's hidden behind the mask."

The solicitations for issue #40 tell us a blast from Bruce's past is back. Is this a clue to who the Batwoman is or perhaps a child of such past character? Let's go through some possible candidates other than Melanie Walker and Barbara Gordon (I'm still ruling Barbara out, I don't think it would be that obvious).

There's Cassandra Cain but she's been Batgirl before. There's a slight chance she could be the new Batwoman as she wouldn't have a hard time working the tech in the Batsuit I would imagine but there's also the chance she's not so good with a more advanced suit. I think she's got about a 35% chance at being the new Batwoman.

Could it be Stephanie Brown? Likely but also unlikely. She would be a surprise blast from the past for Bruce though. She was once Batgirl as well. Same goes for her about the tech in the Batsuit. We're going to say there's a 35% chance it's Stephanie Brown donning the suit, just like Cassandra.

There's Renee Montoya but I find this very unlikely. Just doesn't fit the bill when it comes to becoming a new Batwoman. We're going to mark Renee as having a 10% chance.

Kate Kane? Highly unlikely as she's been Batwoman before and they play this one off as a brand new Batwoman. So she's just a mention and we won't even entertain that she's the new Batwoman in this title. 0% chance it's Kate Kane. If it is her, it would be very surprising.

Could it be Maxine Gibson? Terry is currently missing and she's helped find him in the past once before and is one of Terry's very close friends. The only issue is Maxine is not of Caucasian descent and the pictures depict someone who is likely Caucasian from the cameo appearance. We're gonna say there's a 0% chance it's Maxine but this would have been a cool concept for her to take the mantle. She's a genius and I could see her having issues working the Batsuit tech, at least getting a hang of it.

There's one more possibility that some people are banking on and that this new Batwoman could be Elainna Grayson who first appears in Batman Beyond #25. Could be a stretch, could prove true. Only time will tell. I'd give this fairly new character a 50% chance but not much is known.

So what does everyone else think? I think the front runner is Melanie Walker based on the evidence we currently have. She's certainly the only one that makes sense from the cast of characters we know of or about from Batman Beyond and Batman. The only other possibility is that it's an obscure character from Terry or Bruce's past and or an entirely new character.